How Long Does A Pet Scan Take

How Long Does A Pet Scan Take

You will be given directions about the best way best to prepare for your scan, such as that which you might or might not drink or eat prior to your examination by your health care provider.

Here are some things to notice before you experience the scan:

  • Inform your physician of any drugs –prescription drugs and over-the-counter–which you’re taking, in addition to any herbal medicines and nutritional supplements. If you’re taking certain drugs or have certain ailments, for example, diabetes, you’ll get certain instructions about preparing for your scan.
  • Most sufferers have been advised to not eat anything for at least half an hour prior to the scan. Heart patients are told not to take any product with caffeine for 24 hours.
  • You need to wear comfy clothing for your appointment.

Just how long can a PET scan take?

It takes up to travel across the body and be absorbed Following the radiotracer is injected into a vein. Time is taken by mind and heart studies.

Because motion will lessen the grade of the images You’ll be asked to stay for the exam. Based on which organ has been analyzed, there can be evaluations and substances or dyes used that might raise the appointment period.

By way of instance might experience a stress test where PET scans are completed while the patient is resting, followed by the management of medications to test blood flow into the heart while the patient is exercising.

How Long Does A Pet Scan Take

Can a PET scan pose some dangers?

Even though there is a radiotracer compound used in this evaluation, the quantity of radiation is reduced. The dose of tracer is so small it doesn’t influence the processes of the human body. On the other hand, the radiotracer could expose the fetus of pregnant girls, or the babies of women who snore, into the radiation. Your doctor and you must consider this danger compared with possible data and the demand for.

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