Why Is It Illegal To Have A Pet Hedgehog

Why Is It Illegal To Have A Pet Hedgehog

CDFW receives inquiries about many non-native species that are limited from being kept as pets in California. This is why non-native animals valid under present regulations or like hedgehogs aren’t a Fantastic idea:

The branches of Agriculture and Food, Health Services, and Fish and Wildlife are mandated to protect those interests. The Legislature, at Section 2118 of the Fish and Game Code, comprised all species of this Order Insectivora on its own list of prohibited species.

Why Is It Illegal To Have A Pet Hedgehog

  • There are 17 known species of hedgehogs. All species are limited from ownership as pets at California, in which they do occur were introduced to the wild, since they can become pests. Additionally, there are many questions linked to diseases and predators if any non-native creature is introduced to the wild. If ownership were potential for hedgehog species, it is very likely that there could be requests for other non-native species.
  • CDFW does not have the funding or staff to operate on these sorts of problems and doesn’t support any adjustments to existing regulations and laws without strong scientific evidence demonstrating no danger to our indigenous wildlife and their habitats.
  • CDFW is licensed to issue permits only to qualified people or associations for limited purposes like research, public exhibition, or shield. Permits aren’t issued to import or possess any wild animal for functions.

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